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Is a global container resource allocation operatorWe have sufficient container reserves and procurement resources in China,which can provide multi-modal container leasing services such as shipping, railway and road transportation for various industries.
We have rich experience in container supply configuration, container fleet management and container yard management. We can provide you with more price-competitive, flexible and diverse container full-link solutions, which will save you costs while improving Product competitiveness.
The standardization of multi-modal containers has improved the efficient circulation of goods around the world. In addition to providing standardized dry containers (20 feet/40 feet), FOREVER C can also provide more professional container types: refrigerating containers, open top containers, and flat racks to meet the transportation needs of different goods in various industries.

FOREVER C container leasing business covers all major trade centers in the world, and has established agency cooperation and warehousing networks in many countries, so that we can provide containers according to your needs at any time, no matter where the cargo is destination, we can quickly Respond and provide you with localized services.
North America: United States, Canada
Europe: Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Belgium
Asia Pacific: Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia

Our Containers

Dry cargo

20' 40'
INSIDE LENGTH: 5.895 m 12.029 m
INSIDE WIDTH: 2.350 m 2.350 m
INSIDE HEIGHT: 2.392 m 2.392 m
DOOR WIDTH: 2.340 m 2.340 m
DOOR HEIGHT: 2.292 m 2.292 m
CAPACITY: 33 ㎡ 67 ㎡
TARE WEIGHT: 2230 Kgs 3780 Kgs
MAX CARGO WEIGHT: 28230 Kgs 26700 Kgs

Dry cargo

Suitable for transporting most common trade goods干货箱

  • industry

  • agriculture

  • retail

  • high-tech

  • mining

  • food and beverage

  • wood

  • home appliances

  • plastic and rubber

  • vehicle

  • chemical industry

  • equipment manufacturing


20' 40'
INSIDE LENGTH: 5.724 m 11.840 m
INSIDE WIDTH: 2.286 m 2.286 m
INSIDE HEIGHT: 2.014 m 2.120 m
DOOR WIDTH: 2.286 m 2.286 m
DOOR HEIGHT: 2.067 m 2.195 m
CAPACITY: 26 ㎡ 60 ㎡
TARE WEIGHT: 2550 Kgs 3850 Kgs
MAX CARGO WEIGHT: 21450 Kgs 26630 Kgs


Widely used in fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as foods that require temperature control, such as meat, seafood, medicines, beverages, etc.

  • fresh fruits and vegetables

  • meat

  • beverages

  • seafood

  • medicines

Open top

20' 40'
INSIDE LENGTH: 5.888 m 12.029 m
INSIDE WIDTH: 2.345 m 2.342 m
INSIDE HEIGHT: 2.315 m 2.326 m
DOOR WIDTH: 2.286 m 2.341 m
DOOR HEIGHT: 2.184 m 2.274 m
CAPACITY: 32 ㎡ 65 ㎡
TARE WEIGHT: 2550 Kgs 3810 Kgs
MAX CARGO WEIGHT: 30480 Kgs 26670 Kgs

Open top

Mainly used to transport steel, wood, large sheet materials, glass, etc.

  • wood

  • steel

  • large-size plates

  • glass


20' 40'
INSIDE LENGTH: 5.698 m 11.832 m
INSIDE WIDTH: 2.230 m 2.228 m
INSIDE HEIGHT: 2.255 m 1.981 m
DOOR WIDTH: 0.000 m 0.000 m
DOOR HEIGHT: 0.000 m 0 m
CAPACITY: 0 ㎡ 0 ㎡
TARE WEIGHT: 2500 Kgs 4200 Kgs
MAX CARGO WEIGHT: 21500 Kgs 40800 Kgs


Usually used to transport oversized cargo.

  • Buses

  • yachts

  • construction machinery and equipment

  • new energy equipment

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We have cooperated with many parties to provide more support for the container gaps of major shipping companies during peak shipping periods, and provide cross-border logistics carriers with a full range of professional container logistics solutions. At the same time, we also establish more contacts with various port yards to improve The value of efficient operation and reuse of containers.

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